Posted by: Amber | May 28, 2007


There have been many reasons that I have not wanted to home-school over the past few years.  Firstly, We had three children in a short amount of time and that alone was overwhelming.  Now I have my feet under me…a stable rhythm.  Our oldest is 5 going on 6 in August and the hum of our life is enjoyable.  I now have the mental clarity to think about things other than, sleep and time to myself.  My main hesitation (for both myself and my husband) has been not wanting to lose myself in the process of homeschooling our children.  Would I be a frazzled, school marm with no since of passion or calling outside of homeschooling?  This last year has been a year of awaking for me.  I am starting to remember who I am outside of parenting. I have the space to work on me again, and so now I can enthusiastically move into home-school with balance.  This is a one year at a time plan. I am not adamant about anyone way of schooling except that this year my kids need to be home with me.  Maybe that will change in time.  Up until this point they have had Montessori education and that has suit us perfectly but now it is time to change and expand our horizons.  I am learning to BE and not DO.  To rest and not strive and to capture every treasured moments (even the hard ones) because the one thing I do know is that “time is the only thing we really own and relationship is the only thing we can buy with it”.


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