Posted by: Amber | May 29, 2007


Tomorrow is the last day at our local Montessori school.  I thought I would be much sadder than I am.  I mostly feel a sense of moving in the right direction.  It is funny, I am picking up some things again, I thought I was done with.  I am teaching again at the Jupiter Academy of Music  I am having to pick up some classes for a teacher that is ill and wont be able to finish her scheduled session.  I may have to do the summer session as well.  I hope to begin getting things in order for school this year.  I am still not sure I am going to purchase an exact curriculum for our first year.  I may change my mind in December but this year is all about de-stressing and just having fun learning together.  If no set curriculum starts to get stressful, then I will purchase sonlight probably.  Lots of friends have used it and recommend it. 

My work partnershipcontinues to be exciting, challenging and just enough to keep me engaged but not overwhelmed.   Mike and I are off to Peru on the 2nd so I’ve got tons to do to get ready. I look forward to learning more from Chenoa about her homeschooling adventure.  She has schooled 3 kids who are now starting home-school high-school.  She has completely empowered me to do this and have fun along the way.  More to come….


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