Posted by: Amber | May 30, 2007

Encouraging Friends

It is interesting how this process has gone for me.  I have had people tell me that I am not the homeschooling type or actual homeschoolers tell me how hard it is.  It is kind of like before you have kids or teenagers, those parents that do tell you to get your sleep or that you don’t know what it is like until they are teens etc.   I am sure it will be challenging but like anything there will be great days as well. My work at homepartners and my husband have been very supportive.  I’ve enjoyed learning new and helpful things from them all.  I named this blog “homeschooling diva” for courage.  Every time I log in and see the name and look at the picture I find rest and courage.  It may sound weird to you but its not your blog so there.  Friends who encouarge me to go for it are a special blessing.  I pray that I encourage many of you to go for it….whatever “it” may be.  Life is short so don’t live it in fear.  Embrace it!



  1. I did it! I’m here! I’ll figure this tech stuff out yet! You have encouraged me and provoked me. Keep up the good work! This site will be a blessing and support to many people, I’m sure. While this is a great way to keep connected, I am looking forward to your visit- See you in a few days!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. I look forward to learning from you all along the way:-)

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