Posted by: Amber | May 30, 2007

I take that back….

ok – I said before that I wondered why I wasn’t more sad at the  thought of our children leaving our local Montessori school.  Today was their graduation.  I was sad. It was hard for me watching Jackson graduate.  I think it was even harder knowing that Chloe wont have the same experience.   She has been thriving there.  I know she will thrive at home with me as well, but somehow not giving them both the same is hard for me.  It would be easier if we were leaving because we were not happy or something major happened but the reality is, it is too expensive to continue on for all of our children.  The financial stress on our family is not worth it. It is easier to make the break now than later.  It reminds me of one of my life’s goals to open a christian based Montessori school that real people can actually afford.  Maybe that isn’t possible I don’t know, so for now I keep going where God is leading me.  If I keep following Him it will all be ok.


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