Posted by: Amber | May 31, 2007

It’s A Beautifal Day!

Que u2 People!

Yesterday was hard (emotionally) as I mentioned.  But we got through it.  Today is the first day of summer and the beginning of new rhythms at home.  The kids stayed up extra late last night with our church family.  We have “comon meal” once a week to stay connected usually at one family’s home or another.  We hosted last night.  The kids LOVE having their church family over. I must say it was nice not rushing to get them to bed or get them up this am.

New, New, New. It is amazing what a good night’s sleep and some productive work will do.  Now, to pack and organize for Peru.  I have got some business deadlines to meet before we leave but we are cruising through them.  I need to buy the supplies at Walmart.  I really hate the Walmart here by our home. It is so diorganized and understaffed.  I hang on to the kids for dear life.  But we are stockin gup on brown sugar, choclate chips an dother fun things they can’t get down there.  I think we will fill our suit case up with coffe for the road home.  If you want to place your order for some amazing coffee beans send me an email. 



  1. Hey!
    I can just taste the warm chocolate chip cookies now!! Thanks for bringing all the goodies to us! I’m looking forward to your company most though! I’m glad you are seeing a glimpse of the pleasures of having your children at home with you . Just wait as you see them absorbing all that is happening around them in the life of the Church…praying at your side, listening as someone excitedly tells of the realization of who Jesus is become to them… seeing the kids drifting off to sleep- surrounded by the family of believers worshiping and praying late into the night… it is a beautiful, incredible gift from God that our children are able to be a part of the abundant life from their earliest years! All this now without the preoccupation of bedtimes and rigid early morning schedules…ahhhh!

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