Posted by: Amber | June 1, 2007

Nurturing Your Own Voice

Here are some questions to think about.

What do you do to nurture your own unique voice

(apart form your husband/wife)?

Do you think it is important to do so?

How does your husband/wife help you develop that uniqueness?

I have been thinking lately about my own “unique voice”   Like I mentioned before one of my main fears with homeschooling has been…”Will I turn into someone who only knows how to talk about kids and home-school?”.  I really want homeschooling to add to me and not become me if that makes since. 

I know there are plenty of seasons in life and God uses all of them to shape, and transform us….if we let Him.  And there may be some that seem completely con-summed with one facet of their journey because that is where God has them.  I have recently been reminded that balance is so important.  Being out of balance takes a toll.  Or I will say It has on me so the pendulum is swinging back towards the center.  It feels nice.

The reason I ask about how your husband/wife nurtures your voice is because I realize what a huge role my spouse plays in nurturing my unique voice.  Here is an example. I remember being newly married and Mike and I having our first fight!  We had been married for 4 months or so and I was really steamed that he left and played golf for 5 hours on a weekend when he could of been hanging out with me.  He explained how important it was for him to have time to himself and golf was a non negotiable for him.    He was very good (and still is) at encouraging me to stay close to my “girlfriends”.  He didn’t want the pressure of having my whole world revolve around him.  I am so glad we had those really hard conversations when we are first married.  It really helped me continue to grow as an individual and not as “Mikes wife”.    Now 12 years later, we are interdependent not co-dependent, or in-dependant. 

I bring all of this up because this blog is another extension of me developing my voice.  I want to know what you are doing to develop yours. 

Leave a comment poeple.  Share the love. 



  1. I agree, it is definitely important to remember who we are aside from just mothers. Once we begin to lose who we are everything else seems to fall down with like. I love to write, I make a point to write every day on whatever topic piques my interest.

  2. In order to nurture your unique voice, you need to find it. That’s my experience…and like your wonderful relationship that nurtured your voice, my man is helping me to find mine – even sometimes by forcing me (which I hate to admit I appreciate after the fact!). Anyone who has the strength of character to find, nurture, and explore their own uniqueness deserves a huge pat on the back.
    So kudo’s to you!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. Keep on digging for that voice. Someone, somewhere needs to hear it.
    Grace and Peace to you!

  4. You are so inspirational, girl!

    But you have been blogtipped. Hope you will join the fun!

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