Posted by: Amber | June 1, 2007

The boys are on the loose.

Jackson has been mumbling to himself all week.  “I can’t wait until Friday, I can’t wait until Friday”  Why you may ask?  Because Daddy said he was old enough to go here.  The men in our church have gone as a group several times and these are some of the highlights.   You may think it a bit “much” considering we are leaving for an international trip within  6 hours of their return.  But Mike really wants the bonding time with J-man.  We’ve been working on taking one child at a time on “dates” with one of us.  This is a “Daddy/Jackson date” and it wont be missed.  Meanwhile, I will be having a “packing date” with Hudson and Chloe.  You laugh but those 2 love to help in anyway possible.  To tell them to help me with these 2 huge Rollie things on our living room floor will be like Disney World to them.

Ok – people I’ve got to go… things to do and people to see:-)  Have a great day!

Side rant:  You know how many people in the self help arena say “Make it a great day” instead of “Have a great day”.  I understand that there are things that you have control over,  but I am choosing to say “Have a great day” as in I am completely thankful and overwhelmed with the good gifts that God has given me and that I am content to go where he leads me and not where I choose to go.  I am not making any judgments on what anyone else is lead to do, but me I am going to “Have a great day”!

Remeber – Be and not do! OK – that was  a freebie.  I will chew on that one today!




  1. Heart Brake ~ Poor boy. They event was cancelled because of poor weather. He will have to wait until next time. I guess a dinner out with Dad will come in a close second.

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