Posted by: Amber | June 1, 2007

Tips to help your kids work together!

Tip #1 Give them a roll of tape and some paper.  It will keep the busy for hours.  Seriously! Chloe just now used 50 pieces of tape to make her foot look like a mummy. 

Tip #2Give them 10-12 empty boxes of various sizes and it will keep them working together building things again…for hours.  Warning, you may want to advise them not to start throwing said boxes as to keep glass breakage to a minimum.

Tip #3  Use ice-cube trays to separate paint.  It is much easier than muffin tins.  After 5 years you think I would of already  come up with that one.  I was just getting some paint ready today when I spy-ed the 3 ice-cube trays in the back of our cabinet I used to use to freeze their homemade baby-food.  I used to put their paint in throw away muffin tins, but they are kind of big and clumsy.  Ice cube trays work great!  They can even mix colors without a ton of mess.  OK – the mess is minimized if you instruct them to use paintbrushes only instead of hands. My 2.5 year old thought he would finger paint. He then painted his face to look like William Wallace from Brave heart.  I wish our camera wasn’t out of batteries.  I would of had a picture of that and posted it for sure.

Reallykeep reading I am sure I will come up with at least 3 more today……………


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