Posted by: Amber | June 2, 2007

At least it is not a hurricane!

ok – so a “mild storm” has turned into a tropical depression over night.  Nice…. the day we are to leave for Peru the weather is crummy.    I am preparing for the red eye to Lima and here are a few of my tips.

Things to bring on the plane for an international red-eye.

  1. one neck roll – to try to sleep with.
  2. one pair of ear plugs for those who snore or choose to talk the entire flight.
  3. one sleeping blindfold. – I used to have one but I don’t know if I can find it after our 7 moves in the last 5 years
  4. two Tylenol pm.  In case all else fails I will sleep tonight. 

The last redeye  I took was a nightmare because I was unprepared.  I wont’ make that mistake again.  Yes, I will arrive to the airport in a outfit that looks very close to PJ’s because like I said before..I am preparing to sleep.

A few other things….

  1. hard pics of the kids.  Now that everything is digital I always forget to bring pics of our kids to show them off. 
  2. my passport……thanks to FEDEX and the Federal Building in Miami.  Again note to self….never let your passport lapse.
  3. My vitamins – I need to make sure I keep up my energy.
  4. my journal – God always gives me things to think on while I am out and about and I want to write them down so as not forget them.

Ok – Off to make the beds, take out the trash, fold that last load of laundry.  We are playing a travel game so stop by and join the fun.

Peace to you this rainy day!


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