Posted by: Amber | June 2, 2007

I few hours left to blog tip…

blog-tipping-small.jpg  Ok – I have a few hours left to blog tip.  Rebekah tipped me so off I go with a few minutes left to blog tip.  I read of it first over at Bev’s blog and forgot this month.  Shame on me!

Firstly, the Dolly Mama   I am sure if we lived within driving distance we would be thick as thieves…and anyone who has 6 kids, home-schools and is a WHAM gets a huge hats off from me.

Secondly, my new find Firmly Planted  Another Homeschooler who has a strong voice.

 Last but not least….  Day of a Mom. Because she is as passionate and driven as I am.  Actually she makes me tired at times but she only has 2 kids so she has an advantage over me.  I love her to pieces and she makes our business better just by being her!

You can check them anytime in my blog roll.  I am on the hunt for new finds who have a stong voice and are saying something the world needs to hear.  Look out you may be next.



  1. Awesome job blogtipping! You have a great blog started, I enjoyed reading it!

    Have an awesome day!

  2. […] Now this was a new one for me, but I think it is a cute idea, so I will give it a whirl. Amber at Homeschooling Diva tagged/tipped me for this one and I hope I don’t flub […]

  3. Haha- I did not read this before… so funny- you are my inspiration!

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