Posted by: Amber | June 6, 2007

Pure Comedy!

Today I rode in an Arequepinian taxi, with  a  Peruvian driver who spoke no english.  He could however sing word for word the U2 song “It’s A Beautifal Day” in english.  I guess U2 trancendes language barriers:-) 80’s music is “the bomb” here.  It is funny, riding along seeing such extreme poverty listening to “Wang Chung Tonight”.  The ironey! 

Amanda asked what I was teaching on and what instrument I played.  I play guitar and I will teach on Jesus and his “way” and the pronuncment of the kingdom of God.  Good stuff:-) 



  1. The worship leader from our church is from Peru. He speaks of the poverty. He was once an atheist, and the poverty was one of the reasons. “How could God allow this?” God has since changed him and raised him up as a leader and pastor. Go God!

    Hoping all went well for you today.

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