Posted by: Amber | June 8, 2007

Diva’s Do’s & Don’ts

When traveling abroad in a country…oh say like Peru…. there are a few fundamental things you may want to consider.

  •  #1 – Never underestimates the altitude.  Altitude sickness can and will knock you on your butt if you are not careful.  Some of the biggest men in our group went down for the count.
  • #2 – In large groups…it is best not to use your limited Spanish as if you were a pro.  Otherwise you may say something embarrassing like “my husband is easy”.  Best not to do that.and last but not least
  • #3 Never, I repeat never leave your groups truck unattended.  In Peru they hire people to watch their car when they are indoors. Tonight we did not do that and someone stole our tires!  Yeap..never a dull moment.  All the men are running off like Magnum PI in search of said tires…….with armed guards no less.    I told my husband to be careful.  I don’t need any heroes on this trip.  But they need those tires.  They cost $500 American for new ones, and these particular tires are only 2 months old.  Lee, one of the missionaries here prayed for money for months and someone just sent him money for new tires…so no banditos are going to get them tonight. 

Those are some of the Diva’s late night tips.  Keep them close at hand, they could prove to be helpful right when you least expect it!



  1. Love it- I will keep that in mind if I go to Peru!

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