Posted by: Amber | June 16, 2007


That is one benefit I see of keeping your children home.  When they are little they don’t play with each other so it is hard to conceive having your kids home all day.  But I have just crossed the threshold, where all of my kids play with each other.  Mostly without any incidents.  I have noticed that ever since our family schedule has slowed down, our children are bonding.  Our youngest have always been close, but I now see our oldest and youngest boys are playing  like friends.  I think it helps now that Hudson can talk, swim and keep up with them.  It is a fun process to watch. 

Now, I just need to figure out how to make sure I give Jackson challenging enough stuff.  Preparation is key so that is what I am working on this summer.



  1. There is nothing more peaceful in a home than siblings enjoying one another.

    Our family schedule has slowed down too, and we are all feeling the benefits.

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