Posted by: Amber | June 20, 2007

Great tips for your first year homeschooling!

Here are some great thoughts for first time homeschoolers here.  When I read this article, I heard my friend Chenoa’s voice.  Honestly, I can say I have about 100 friends who home school.  OK that is a bit of an overstatement but she was the first who said, “Don’t read another thing about home schooling, or ask another friend.  Go ask God what his vision for your childrens life and then go from there.”  That was a slam dunk.  It got me right over my fear and right into inspiration!

For some years my husband and I have been relearning and redefining how to be a disciple of Jesus in our whole life and not just for a Sunday morning service.  I’ve had LOTS of work thinking out of the box, so that part of home schooling is coming very naturally. We are learning with our whole life.  I think one of the things that feels the best right now, are the looooong kisses my littlest gives me all through out the day.He is so happy to have his brother and sister home. To be honest…..I am too.   That……. and my kitchen is cleaner. 



  1. God’s way is always best. Continue to seek His vision the whole way through. That’s the absolute best way to homeschool. What good advice.

    I checked out the What Is Church site. Looks quite interesting. I’m a Dallas Willard fan. Am reading Divine Conspiracy right now.

  2. Keep hanging with DC. It changed the way I view almost everything:-)

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