Posted by: Amber | June 26, 2007


My husband has a brilliant post on following “the voice”.  It will keep you right where you are supposed to be.  It isn’t always safe and secure but it is good.  I look at this whole journey into home schooling and see the whispering that Jesus has been doing.  The timing, the trusting…how so much of this is really about me and not so much about them.

Earlier this year, I was going through a rough spot with my business.  I was praying at the computer and in the midst of my prayer, I felt the impression that God was rescuing me.  And indeed He has.   I am at a really good place now and I am excited to learn new things. 

Some simple observations this past month with our kids.   I think this whole home school process is about really getting to now our kids and not manage them. Does that make since? You manage so much when they are little you miss the small quiet moments of inspiration.  Things that send their hearts soaring.  So I am not managing anymore. I am on a treasure hunt to see what God is doing in them.  I could mess the whole “curriculum” thing up and still have an amazing relationship and insight into our kids that I would of never had if I had not sat down with them everyday in attempt to expose them to something. 

So, the wild west was fun.  We are moving into the ocean and then probably launching into the Charlotte Mason method in August.  It really fits our family rhythm already and lines up with our overall educational/life vision for our kids.  I am still exploring but I am fairly intuitive and this feels right.  Sorry for all of you analytical folks. So I will keep you updated on all of that.  Meanwhile, I keep a painting, and cleaning and organizing and exercising….it occurs to me that I have a lot more time to just be without running the kids to school every day and then errands and then all the other things that crop up in a day. is Good.  Hope your’s is too!



  1. You are right. Your husband’s post is brilliant.

    With the outlook you have on homeschooling, your life is going to be grand fun for everyone involved. Your children are going to love to learn.

  2. Thanks for the encouragment Amanda. I am going to LOVE to learn with them.

    Grace and Peace to you!

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