Posted by: Amber | June 27, 2007

If I had a quarter….

mom-cartoon.gif  For every-time someone who sees me out with our three children says “You’ve got your hands full”  I would be rich!  Then I would be doubly rich if I had another quarter for every-time someone asks me “You go grocery shopping with ALL of them?”  Honestly, what do people think? No people, I leave them at home and go live it up!  Geez……



  1. Oh, that cracked me up!

    I would have been rich, too.

  2. So are you saying that people stop saying it when they are older?

    Your three girls are beauties.

  3. I hear you, sister! I get the same AND the other treasure, “Are all of these YOURS?”

  4. truevyne…How could I forget that one? We would be living it up in Bora Bora by now with all of our loot:-)

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