Posted by: Amber | June 28, 2007

PLEASE Classify Me Now!

Ok – you can now classify me as a home schooling, home business, organic eating (as much as possible), breast feeding (when they where younger) simple church, composting, recycling DIVA.

***Warning I refuse to grow my hair down to my butt or part it in the middle.  Mike and I made a VOW to each other in college to NEVER where Birkenstocks and I will not be joining NOW. (even though I believe woman can do anything they put their mind to, just not sure if Everything is the best for them.  Ok – that is another post)

So I have recycled off and on for years now, but never really calculated it.  Now with home schooling it is a teachable moment. Because of the layout of our house, I needed to come up with a new recycling arrangement in our kitchen.  So I have 2 trash cans, one for trash and one for recycles.  This week alone, our trash  creation went down 2/3rds.  I started composting our kitchen scraps…out in the woods near our house and every week I have a trash load full of recyclable  objects. 

I think as someone who follows Jesus, I need to seriously consider our families actions and how they affect the Global community.  This life isn’t about me and what I need. So I  am thinking more about conserving and less about consuming.  More about simplicity and encouraging others do the same.  So do a little experiment and see what one weeks worth of recycling does for your family.



  1. I cannot believe how much we are alike. I could have written this post, except I do own Birkenstocks. But this is due to the extreme width of my foot, not their inherent hippiness.
    Consider me classified.

  2. I love it! That’s pretty darn close on classifying me, too. We struggle with recycling right now, though. Since we travel in our RV full-time, it is not always easy to recycle! At an RV park, for instance, there are only trash cans. I don’t have the storage space to carry it around with me looking for someplace to take it… Hmmmm…

  3. Tiffany, Thanks for the comment:-) How is the road going and where are you at?

    Sounds like you have an invention on your hands. RV park recycling coalition or portable containers or something. Think woman you are a wealth of possibilities:-)

    Thanks for joining the fun!

    Amanda – lets Google to find an acceptable wide shoe replacement:-) So you can completely classify yourself!

    Peace to you two!

  4. Not sure about “simple church,” we belong to a big non-denominational one, would that qualify?
    homeschooling, home business, organic food, breastfeeding, recyling… talking about being much alike, can I join yours and Amanda’s club? lol

    Even our 2 and 4 yrs old know where to put paper, glass bottles, etc. to be recycled. Not that I taught them, but just from living it, I guess.

    Way to go, Amber!

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