Posted by: Amber | July 1, 2007

I Love Blogtipping!

Blogging is a great medium to not only share your thoughts on life etc. but to learn from people all over the world.  Today I am focusing on blogtipping other DIVAS whose work I enjoy and learn from.  I hope you learn from them too! In no particular order! 

Diva #1:  Higher up and Further In – is an inspiring CM homeschooler in the middle east.  Her blog is a wealth of info.  I have already picked up several things from her site and I am sure you  will too. 

DIVA #2: Yielded has a blog that really gives a ton of nutritional “food for thought”  (Excuse the pun:-)  ) and some home schooling highlights thrown in.  You will get some tasty recipes from her!

DIVA #3: The Truevyne has some funny home schooling stories.  She loves CM, Montessori and Cavaletti.  When she posted about The Forty Day Fast I new this Diva has some serious Social Justice “kickin” and that inspires me.

DIVA #4 Hidden Art Jumps right in and comments away.  I think it is one of the most interesting things about blogging…the interaction!  So Thanks for all the thoughtful comments, I will try to reciprocate:-)

 Diva #5: The SecretlifeofKat   I found her through the truevyne. She is a soccer mom who actually plays the soccer.  What do you know about that.    I think it is funny.  I first read of the 40 day fast through the true vine who took me to Kats blog.  I then see her linked to Brant who is part of our faith community and a very smart Blogger too…even though he is not a DIVA.  Blogging is a really small world.

Ok – people so there you go…go and learn a thing or two, or three or how about this, just never stop learning!

Peace to all!



  1. I’ve been looking forward to this since I read your other post. I knew I’d find thoughtful blogs here- two are my favorites, two are great finds, but mine?? I’m humbled and honored. (and inspired!)

    I’m looking forward to doing my own Blogtipping too. Thanks!

  2. What fun! I am always so glad to be introduced to other great bloggers. Blogging is such a great pool of ideas and resources.

    Thanks for including me!

  3. Thank you for the honor!

    Blessings to you today,

  4. Whoa, thanks! That was a surprise. You know I enjoy your blog very much. Keep postin’ and I’ll keep readin’.

  5. I fell of the wagon this month with travel, but I look forward to tipping next month. 😦

  6. No worries sothern girl. Grab it next time:-)

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