Posted by: Amber | July 2, 2007

Some things to think about!

Your life can continue  the same way it does now simply because you haven’t heard.  Or maybe you will hear about this and something inside will break and you will say to yourself “I must do something even something small because now that I know, I can’t just sit here and pretend that I don’t”


There are many things I am passionate about.  Most of them having to do with children.  We love and support Compassion International .  I think organizations like this are Brilliant as well.  But a few months ago, I heard David Batstone speak on his book “Not for Sale” and I was horrified.  I was particularly horrified to hear of what happens to children, orphaned girls all over the world.  For that reason alone I choose, Zoe Children’s Home to fast for on the 31st of July.  Please join me as we pray for the poor and the marginalized around the world.  You can check the 40 day fast link on my blogroll daily to see all of the other causes that bloggers from all over are praying and fasting for. 



  1. What an excellent idea to build awareness for these extremely important causes. I’ve marked my calendar to pray while you fast for Zoe Children’s Home on July 31.

    One thing I found shocking when I began working with VERONICA’s Voice is that there are children being groomed for prostitution in our own cities right now. Many of the women I work with have stories in which they began prostituting at a very young age. Most often a parent has turned them out as prostitutes to gain more income for drugs or possessions. These little girls grown-up have never known another lifestyle. It is so difficult for them to come out of it. And they have “friends” who are preparing their little girls for the same life. Before I had viewed this as an international problem only. It is extremely eye-opening, and extremely scary.

  2. we need to awaken the church to this oppressive evil taking place right under their sleeping noses here in america. it is the wealthy nations that consume these children. wickedness. we have witnessed this firsthand as we have sought to help orphans in ukraine, only to find them trafficked into sexual slavery onto our backdoorstep in baltimore…

    thanks amber, get the wordout and seek the Lord


  3. Amber,
    Thanks so much for being a part of The 40 Day Fast.

    I started to look through the links you posted, and I’m stuck at the Not for Sale site. Wow. Shocking and as a parent horrifying. I hope you’ll post more on July 31st about what you’ve read and learned about child slavery.


  4. Kat, I was just as horrified. It is one thing to be poor and orphaned but add victimization into the mix. It is almos tunthinkable. I will research and share as much as my heart can handle.

    Thanks for letting me tag along with the 40 day fast.

    Peace to you!

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