Posted by: Amber | July 3, 2007

Love the color!

I must say that I lingered a little longer on Mommyzabs site than normal because I was scrutinizing the color of her walls.  I love it and I must have it.  Now if she will only share it with me:-)   Please all beg her to give me her secret color!  That and I have to clear it with my dear husband. 

Honey, do you like it too?



  1. You are so funny! Not a secret and I’m not one of those kind of girls anyway. I love to share my secrets. The more beauty in the world the better 😉 It is a color called silver sage by restoration hardware. If you don’t have restoration hardware near you you can go to their site and order the silver sage in a sample size can (about a cup?) and try it out on your walls. It is better in real life… it is hard to define the color… green blue grey, but still somehow warm and comfy. 🙂

  2. I had a sneaky feeling it was RH and I have been eyeing it for years. We do have one close by so I will sample some ASAP.
    Thanks a ton!

  3. i’m such a sucka for RH paint colors. I also use their other shades in that category. I will post pics soon of that. I use a couple of their greens and browns, and atmosphere blue in one of my son’s rooms.
    also, if you want a lavander anywhere, it is like 50% off right now.

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