Posted by: Amber | July 3, 2007

The Diva’s Reading List

Emerging Grace has a list of her 7 favorite books going.  After I read through her reading list, I knew I liked her.  So, today, I will give you my 7 books and tag you to do the same. Firstly, 7 is a bit much for me at one time.  I do have three little kids, a business, a house, and am trying to fit in home schooling so my reading has declined a bit:-) I will say, I was just talking to some friends about how I want to get back into reading more stories and not just theology.  I will read a ton with the CM home schooling method but I also want to read more just for me. So here are my 3!

A Severe Mercy: by Sheldon Vanauken (recommended by my home schooling diva friend who unfortunately for us does not blog.) I am just starting it but it is described as a “real-life love story, full of wonder and hope.

Crafted Prayer: by Graham Cooke  – this is a really helpful guide to prayer. It really tackles peoples unhealthy need to pray out of emotion instead of what God is doing.

The Charlotte Mason Method in Modern EnglishThis is helping me get my head around the CM method without having to pour through her Victorian language.  If you are thinking about home schooling and not sure where to start, this is some good food for thought. 

So Grace has me beat with 7, so I will have to wait for her cliff notes on all her wonderful choices!

So if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged.  Leave a comment with your reading list.  I need to build my reading list and I need your help people!

Grace and Peace to you!


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