Posted by: Amber | July 5, 2007

Preschool Activites for Homeschoolers

I readily admit that a good friend gave me this idea.  She doesn’t blog so, I will post it here.  If you are home schooling mixed aged children (who isn’t?) and have those that are 3 and under, create a busy box just for them.  We now call it “Hudson’s busy hand box”  he sits on my lap as long as possible for family reading and copy work time. He has his own pencil and paper and we work on the “sand paper alphabet” when the older children are doing their own work.  Then when he can sit no longer, I take out the box of “busy things”. (stacking blocks, a Thomas train, silly putty, floam with appropriate tools, small hard books that he loves and a sorting work.)   That usually keeps him busy for some time.  Everyday, I set our sink up with one side clean water, and the other side soapy water.  The family puts their dishes in the “soapy” side all day and one child or another invariably comes to wash the dishes.  I have a sponge wand and a dish drainer and a drying towel. They have all had a “dishwashing lesson”. They love it and so do I.  This gives me enough time with the older children and helps our youngest feel connected to what we are doing.  As Martha says “It’s a good thing!”



  1. Hi Amber~
    One day… I will blog! I do read your posts everyday though! I love all the wisdom that goes back & forth between these women. Thanks for giving me the heads up on this whole new world 🙂

  2. Chen….Call me…..I miss you…Peru is too far away:-(

  3. Those are great ideas. Mine are 3 and 1 and I’m sending my oldest to preschool this year but hope to homeschool starting Kindergarten or 1st grade. But someday I’ll have a couple older ones an a younger one hopefully so i will have to keep this idea in my head 🙂

  4. Mommy zabs, that is just the way I did it. Our oldest is starting first grade. I didn’t have the nerve or the confidence to home school until now. Now it is a wonderful fit for our family. I think I wasn’t confident because I didn’t’ REALLY understand what happens when you home school. Now, I am starting to get the big picture and knowing what I know now, I would of started earlier. Our oldest went to a wicked expensive Montessori school and we are still “paying” for it literally.:-)

  5. Another great idea for writing skills is to make a screen board. You take the screening used for.. screening (your porch/windows/etc.) and staple it to a simple wood frame so it is tight. You can make the frame an inch or so off the table or just a little off as long as the screening is really tight. Put the paper on top and write with a crayon or pencil. They will get the tactile feel of writing because of the bumping. It will also get some giggles! 🙂

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