Posted by: Amber | July 7, 2007

Two Things I hate!

Maybe you hate them too!

Here is the scene. You are out and about at a restaurant, the grocery store, any place that there is someone working who is supposed to be “helping” you! As you are checking out, etc. etc. a woman who is about 18 years old chomping gum and wearing WAY too much makeup calls you “Hun”.  Like “Thanks Hun” or “Here is your bill Hun”.  Hun?  Hun?  I am NOBODIES’ Hun let’s just get that straight right now.

The second equally as condescending and degrading or disrespectful is when you are in  the same situation and a 65 year old (or older) woman says “dear”, and not in an endearing way.  Like today. “Punch enter dear” as the lady screeched at me because I was not moving fast enough with the debit card thingy and my kids where needing my attention etc. etc.  Like I am a ding  bat or something.  Does that make them feel better about themselves by doing that?  I would like to know. 

Maybe I should work on formulating a pat answer so that when that happens again, I have a quick witted response that signals to them, “Stop doing that!”.  Would it be too honest to say “I really hate it when strangers say that to me…it is really rude?” Yeah you are right, probably, but at least I feel better getting this off of my chest.  I can go back to cleaning the kitchen.



  1. That and men calling women “chicks” or “babes” or “honey.” Drives me crazy too!

  2. Yep, that bugs me too. The one that bugs me most these days, though? I HATE being called “Ma’am”! When you go from “Miss” to “Ma’am,” you know you’re getting old. Ugh!

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