Posted by: Amber | July 9, 2007

Embrace the Hardness!

I am at a point in my life that where I am embracing the hardness of things instead of complaining or praying them away. (Prayer doesn’t work that way, but that is another blog)  I figure, they are there for some “omniscient” reason to train me more in Jesus’ kingdom ways.   

I want to learn.  Learn form past mistakes.  Enjoying my own individual training.  I am embracing the hand print of God in my life.    I don’t want to miss some treasure in this season, because I was too fearful to take a good long look.  So I am looking good and long at why I do certain things or say certain things.  A non-emotional look.  Just looking honestly and saying “yeah, that’s pretty yucky”. 

A few years ago, during my last pregnancy I practiced Lectio Divina regularly and it was such a good time of listening and learning.  I would sit with one of my dearest friends every week and do a lap labryinth and practice the art of listening for listening sake. (Christian meditation is not practiced enough these days if you ask me.)  I think some Christians tend to tell God what they want more than they sit silently and ask what He wants.

I am adding back into my life simple daily disciplines that keep me connected to God. It is funny that exercise is one of them. I always know I am right siding again when I regularly exercise. I didn’t realize adding a third into the mix would throw everything into such a tail spin, but at last I have crashed and burned on the side of a glorious mountain.  Nothing here to do but sit and wait, and waiting is good. God is speaking.  I have perspective that I didn’t have before my glorious wreck. I highly encourage having a wreck of your own.  God is so present in the midst of the mess.

 Enjoy the labyrinth. 



  1. Sometimes it takes a kick in the head (or a wreck) to make us slow down and listen to God speaking to us… very insightful post….

    By the way, you’ve been tagged. I hope you’ll play and list 8 facts/habits about yourself on one of your blogs. You can read mine on my Bev’s Bits blog. Have an awesome day!


  2. Thanks Bev, I will Tag along.

  3. I miss our labyrinth nights! We should fit that back least once a month?!


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