Posted by: Amber | July 10, 2007

Does Coupon Clipping Work?

I wonder? ……….Most Homeschoolers need to pinch their pennies.  I was just turned on to a great idea from a new friend I just met through my buisness forum.   Buying Coupons on ebay!  I remember seeing this when my kids were babies but I never purchased any coupons for myself but I am rethinking the idea.  The Grocery Game is another tool that you can combine with eBay coupons and save significantly.  I am just now looking into this to really make our dollar stretch.  The woman in front of me at the grocery store was “all a buzz” about it and told me of her savings.  I have never been able to make the savings work with the actual items we buy.

The problem is, if you buy tons of fresh foods and little prepackaged items then it may not be cost effective so I am looking into it all. Look into it with me and see if it is worth the time!  It would be fun to see how much money we all could save.  I’d love to hear your saving stories.  We all could encourage each other to spend less, save more and live simply!



  1. I have decided that I am going to give this a go this month and post my savings. My email is amber at what is church dot com. If you want to play along kindly use me as your referrer. Thanks!

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