Posted by: Amber | July 11, 2007

Rookie Mistake!

….at least I am big enough to admit it!

So for all of you out there who don’t know….never leave a pair of children’s scissors unattended with a 2.5 year old around.  Bad things happen.  My homeschooling diva friend (who is starting home-school high-school this year) said last night.  “It’s OK.  things will happen.  You can’t control everything.”   Good advice form a veteran. 

 In other news, my cell phone was thrown into the pool and is inoperable.  Nice!!! I have tons of numbers on that phone that I did not have anywhere else.  Hope the SIM card still works once the new phone arrives.  Thankfully it was free. My computer is doing something weird and only opens in DOS, so I have strict instructions not to touch it until my husband can look at it.  I am writing from his lap top which is like driving someone elses car.  The seat and windows are all out of place.  I am still working on my list that Bev tagged me with.  I will get it up soon.

Peace to all!


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