Posted by: Amber | July 12, 2007

Death by Suburb!

  (Thanks to Dolly Mamma for this!)I live in the “best little” planned community this side of Disney world.  People here drive fast, live large and have little time to really get to know anyone.  Of course this is a huge generalization, but the prevailing thought here, is stick to your self, buy your plasma screen and consume until you can’t feel any pain.   I just spoke to someone on the phone the other night who found our church website.  We related experiences and he said “It is good to hear I am not crazy and that we are not alone in feeling this way!”  

My husband is reading Death by Suburb by David Goetz.  I plan to start it once he is finished with it.   It addresses how to keep living simply and holistically in a suburban context.  A great topic we should address. 

So we are going for it.  Throwing a huge Par-tay for our community.  A place where few know their neighbor.  We are hoping to bust that notion wide open.   I walked into the sales office yesterday to get a list of addresses here, and the woman looked at me like I was from mars.  She said “Where do you children go to school?”  I said I home school.  She said “Oh I understand. I guess it is hard for you to make friends.”   I didn’t even reply, I smiled and said thank you. 

Pray for our family and our faith community as we dive into the suburban wasteland of south Florida with laser focus looking for what God is doing and advancing the kingdom of God. 

July 28 is the day!  Block party is the context, advancing the kingdom is the goal.  I encourage you to throw a party of your own.  See what God is up to in your own backyard!




  1. Love the title of that book. We moved to the country, because I simply couldn’t live like that. I know some people do a great job loving their neighbors in the ‘burbs, but I woke up with a knot in my stomach every morning wondering what new Eminem song my young children would be taught when I wasn’t right on top of them as they played in our own yard. I needed the peace of silence for my family on the outside of my house to find it on the inside of me- I realize some people are much stronger than me in this area.

  2. Love it Amber! Good luck to you! I hope people feel safe enough to come check it out… we have all become so “independent” with our garage door openers and our fenced back yards. No one goes out to see anyone! not even in our “safe” rural area. It should be fun! And the whole friends comment cracks me up! Those homeschoolers… they are ALL unsocialized right???? 🙂

  3. Truevyne, I hope you are enjoying the country. I still don’t let me kids go play with anyone else without me there so I don'[t have the exposure thing so much yet. But I will be like a guard dog!

    Rebekah – I hope people feel safe enough as well. We will see. I will keep you posted!

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  5. I pulled up your blog when I Googled my book title. Hope it is helpful to you. Life in the ‘burbs requires a little intentionality and a lot of grace.


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