Posted by: Amber | July 14, 2007

Capitalism ain’t so bad!



The Following is a conversation between our 6 and 4 year olds! (enjoy)

A little context.  We have never talked to Jackson about owning a business or creating a lemonade stand.  This is all something he initiated and we allowed because of what he would  learn through it.

J: Come on Chloe let’s squeeze some lemons to make lemonade.

C: Why?

J:  Because it is my business.  We need to make some money for some poor people!


J: Mom can we make some lemonade?

Mom:  Why son? 

J: Because we need to make some money for poor people to help them be like us.

Mom: Well how are we Jackson?

J:  We are in between rich and poor.  I won’t give any money to the rich people they have enough.  We need to get the poor people to have enough money too!

Mom: Let’s wait until a little later.

J: But Mom the workers are outside and they are very hot.  If we do it now we can give them some of it.

Mom: Go ahead but make sure you are quiet and don’t wake up your brother.


I was a few feet away doing some work on the computer while the two of them prepared to make homemade lemonade.  They busy themselves in the kitchen, cutting lemons, squeezing them, and making the drink.  I reminded Jackson to make sure not to put too  much sugar in the drink.  He said he wouldn’t.  He was right!  When I tasted it was way too sour.  I asked him how much he put in.  He said 1 teaspoon.  I reminded him that good chiefs’ taste their food before they offer it to people to make sure it tastes good.  1 teaspoon isn’t enough for an entire pitcher of lemonade.

Once Dad was home they moved the self made stand to the pavilion where all the mailboxes are housed.  And there he waited.  Mike came back inside and we waited to see what would happen.  I was preparing to tell him that  business was hard and that you don’t always make sales when you want to etc. etc. when to our surprise he made 57 cents.  He sold 2 glasses to the boys riding their bikes.  He was determined to stay until he had sold out.  A few minutes later we decided to make sure he understood that he needed to offer some to people and not be upset when and if they said no.  He was actually doing a fine job of talking to our neighbors. He sold 2 more glasses to some generous souls who gave him a dollar a glass.  He made $2.57 cents and was over the moon. 

Then after counting his money, he sat down and wrote a letter to Josiah our sponsored child in Peru with Compassion International.  He sent him the 57 cents.  He lovingly taped it to a piece of paper and drew him a picture.  He said, “Mom this is a lot of money in Peru right?”  I agreed.  I was able to get the letter away from him just  before he mailed it.  I don’t think Compassion International takes change, but I will call to see.  God help me if we don’t get that precious 57 cents to Peru.  It was earned by a little boy with a big heart.

Who knows, maybe Jackson will grow up and be like JC Penny who lived on 10% of his income and gave the rest away to the poor.  Who knows how this little small space of time is empacting him for eternity but I am glad we got to be a part of it.

Encourage your kids to go for their dreams.  You get to change the world through them!



  1. The most beautiful thing was his intent before he even made the lemonade. What a generous heart.

  2. That is precious!! I love his spirit and his sister’s willingness to help him achieve his goal. If yours are like mine, they will ask when you mailed the money. 🙂

  3. hiddenart – I know. I didn’t want to squash it even thought I thought it was too much work/mess and I would have to deal with a disappointed child all evening. I had enough of a clue to let him go with what God was doing and not get in the way. Pray I stay like that through the future.

    Southerngirlmusings – Mine too! They do not forget a thing. He will want to know if Josiah got it yet for sure.

    Here is a post about how we came to sponser Josiah!

  4. Love it, Amber! My son loves watching the Max and Ruby when they make money selling lemonade for a camping trip. What child does not dream about having a lemonade stand!? It is so wonderful he had success. Now watch out, he will be like his momma and start finding many business to start!

  5. That is great. I was actually just sent books to review that are children stories with a conservative perspective. In the one, the kids make a lemonade stand and give a portion to buy shoes for needy kids but the govt took the money away and says they can provide better for the kids and gives them dustpans. I will have the review up soon 🙂

  6. Rebekah, I know he comes form a long line of entrepreneurs:-)

    Mommyzabs, I am interested in reading your review.

  7. […] more relational.  It would be like “oh yeah your the family we always see at the pool, or we bought lemonade from your son type thing”.  So being the submissive wife I am, I agreed to do it his […]

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