Posted by: Amber | July 21, 2007

Weeding Out!


It is a great word picture for my life this year.  I am in a process of calming down, simplifying, and learning all about how to REALLY be and not do.  I completely believe that there is freedom within structure.  So I am shaping up my housework, finishing up that “decorating” that I never get to, lacing up those running shoes and hitting the gym with consistancy, nurturing my artistic side, and feeding the need to read “deep and wide”.  A general overall weeding it taking place.  Bad habits (like too much TV and rewarding myself with sweets) haven’t formed over night and they will not be gone in a day ether.  Day by day, I move onward and upward and I hope I inspire you to do the same.

Here are some things I have recently reintroduced into our lives.

1. ABSOLUTELY NO TV UNTIL 5PM DURING THE WEEK. In the past I have used TV to medicate my kids when they have no clear direction on what to do next.  Bad habit…I admit it.  I started pulling way back in April.  I didn’t think we watched TV very much.  The sad thing is, in reality we didn’t, but it was how I was using the TV that was not the best.  Mike and I had no TV for years before kids.  Once I was pregnant with the second, and “sick as a dog” we reintroduced it to help me out with escaping the reality of my life. Now I don’t want to escape anymore.  Embrace the race is my motto. So now the kids only watch about 30 minutes of monitored TV a day.  We even drove all the way home yesterday (4 hours with only a 30 minute DVD) We played site seeing games and counting games the rest of the way. ( and they slept some too.)

2. Early morning exercise. ( Me time before the rest of the family is awake.)  Thanks to a great work out buddy and good old endorphins, I can’t wait to wake up early. – This is a big switch for me.

3. Reading at least 2 new books a month. – I used to read like a nut.  I think I piggybacked through seminary on Mikes old Theology books.  I got through second grade by reading all of the Nancy Drew series once I finished my work. (I was soooo bored, another reason I was drawn to home schooling our kids – bored kids are kids who get into trouble.)

Those are the first few.  I will keep adding to the list as I am inspired. 

Grace and Peace to you and all you love!



  1. Weeding is a good thing. What great habits to maintain for both your family and yourself.

    I don’t think God will ever stop weeding my garden (of which I am very thankful).

  2. You will be so happy about the tv thing. When my sons were little I flipped the switch and don’t look back. They are totally enthralled with tv when it’s on- no matter the subject, because they feel deprived. The bad side- deprivation? The good side- tv works when I need it to.
    I truly think it strengthened their attention spans across the board once we quit watching everyday.

  3. Weeding sooo reminds me of God’s love…

  4. Thanks for your encouragement ladies. Yes, truevyne. We are getting their with the TV. One weed at a time:-) I do feel God’s goodness and faithfulness and love. Some people see hardship in their life as…well…hard. But for me right now it feels safe if that makes since. As if God has worked me into a corner. Maybe like I fell into a cactus and He wants to take out the thorns and I need to be still in order for Him to do it.

  5. Thank you for your kind words on my blog.
    This is a good list. We hardly ever watch any tv at all anymore. We basically only use our vcr/dvd player. It is so easy to get into the habit of plopping our babes in front of it, though. I have a good friend that I am sad about everytime I visit… she has her 4 small children in front of a movie each time. No tv, but always sitting there watching a movie.
    I am also trying to get going on stretching and exercise.
    Reading? I don’t know the last time I finished a book. I guess I am a skimmer. Except with the Bible… I have to *make* myself read it word for word and stick to it.
    Good stuff.
    Blessings, Jacque

  6. You are welcome. It alwasy nice to meet new friends through blogs. Commenting is what makes this fun. FYI – the no tv thing is paying off is spades.

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