Posted by: Amber | July 24, 2007

Blog Stickyness

I am ALWAYS finding myself stuck on Lindafay’s home school blog Higher up and Further In.  It is very comforting to read through her many years of home schooling experience for tips, ideas etc.  I have been slowly reworking my blogs organization.  It is becoming my home school dashboard.  Thoughts, wonderings, resources and other inspiring people to read found in my blog roll.  Jackson is on it as much as I am tooling through the resources.  He LOVES THIS! My hope is that one day this site would be an encouragement to a brand new home schooling mama who is excited and nervous and wondering if she can ever pull this off.  And then voila, she will find this blog and she will say to herself, “Oh my goodness if SHE could do it I will have no problem!”  So keep watching the links come in.  (I hope you find them as helpful and inspiring as I do) I will soon begin adding book reviews and the kids and I will be starting a nature blog here soon.  Their sketches are still scribble and I want them to have a place to see what they are recording.  I taught Jackson how to use the digital camera and he routinely goes out and snaps shots of local wildlife.  Mostly flowers and trees.  Yesterday we went to a little park called “Peanut Island”.  During the summer we go every Monday night with my parents in their boat.  We saw a spotted manta ray with a 5 foot wing span and 2 mini hermit crabs walking along.  I wished we had our camera.  So now we wont leave home without it.manta-ray.jpg    crab.jpg Speaking of blogging…I wish other really experienced homeschoolers I know (not to mention any names, Chenoa Styron and Carolyn Hanson) would start a blog like Lindafay’s so more newbie’s can bask in their wisdom.  It is such a gift.  I am thankful for their encouraging words along the way.  Anyway….no pressure, I was just thinking how cool it would be if I could scroll through their brain and not bug them all the time with calls and emails.

But until they do you can check out the 81st Carnival of Homeschoolin Teacher In Service Addition . Some very wise words.



  1. I have learned so much about homeschooling from other bloggers as well. It is an inspiriing community out here.

    Are you planning on having a separate nature blog or adding this as a category? I’ve been pondering this, and can’t decide if another blog would be too much for me to handle.

  2. Me too Amanda!

    I am going to have a separate nature blog. It will be part of the kids narration work. They tell me what they see and I will type. It will be there journal per se. We wont update everyday, but as often as there are wonderful things they have found and want to expound on.

    I will feature it once we begin so you get an idea of what we are doing.

    Peace to you!

  3. The homeschool blogging community is great and full of wisdom. The nature blog sounds cool and look forard to reading/seeing more. BTW, I like the new blog look.

  4. Thanks southerngirl….I like it too:-)

  5. Hi Amber-
    I *have* to comment on this post. Isn’t Linda’s blog so interesting and full of knowledge?? She is a very knowlegable and humble woman.
    My daughter has been writing hers for a year now, and her daughters are as fun to read as she is.
    I did the tag/post for the COH just for this reason… I love to glean what other homeschoolers know! I wanted to get a post of information in one spot, so I made up that tag.
    A nature blog is a great idea.

    I love this:”Anyway….no pressure, I was just thinking how cool it would be if I could scroll through their brain and not bug them all the time with calls and emails.”

    Nice to meet you!

  6. Jacque! I know what you mean about her daughters blog. They are so well written for sooo young. I was sad they stopped…and Lindafay is wonderfal. I will keep you posted on the nature blog!

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