Posted by: Amber | July 25, 2007

Thanks Mom – Group Writing Project

You never really know how much you love your mom and how much she really does and did for you until you are a Mom yourself!  Thanks to Mammablogga and her group writing project for July, I get to expound on what makes my Mom so special.

Most Moms are biased of their children. (i.e. our kids are the best, brightest most talented children alive)  In healthy parent/child relationships, I think the thought holds true for adult children of their parents.  My mom is the best Mom in the whole world.She’s not perfect, none of us are, but she is generous, and funny (man can she make me laugh) and smart and encouraging,not to mention supportive.  There isn’t anything she couldn’t do if she put her mind to it.  I think she passed that on to me.

Growing up she worked hard, (she still does)  She went back to school for her masters when I was in high school and has had a very successful career. My brother and I learned the value of a dollar early, and we always had chores and responsibilities around the house.  Our family worked as a team and I am so thankful now as an adult for that chance to learn how to do real things early.  We grew up in an environment that honored God and followed Jesus.  She and my father instilled that in me.  I remember sitting at the desk in her bedroom one summer and teaching myself to type as she guided me along.  I just got to replicate that with my own son.  It is funny how times fades away in an instant inside those memories.

The neat thing is…she always gave me room….just enough room to hang myself if you know what I mean.  She let me sit with my choices and loved me through the bad ones. Now as a parent I KNOW how hard that is.  Even today she encouraged me to take 100% responsibility for myself.  She keeps me grounded with her parental experience.  She wishes she could of been home more, and constantly tells me time flies and that this time is so short.  Do whatever you have to to be home with the kids.  Take family vacations…build memories you’ve got one life with these little buggers.  Cherish it!

She is still a better cook than I am.  She can fix or sew anything and at 33 I still call her first when I am unsure about what temp to cook something at or if one of my kids has some medical issue I am worried about.  She still parents me, in a healthy way even now.   Maybe that is the way it is supposed to be.  Maybe we get to be the kid for a lifetime and even into the next.  Always having that bond that grows and changes through the years.  Will we ever stop worrying as parents, or stop wanting to help or stop wanting to deepen relationship with our children?  I hope not.  I hope I get to ask her advice when I am 55 and she is 78 and I want to know how to be a wonderful grandparent, or that just right ingredient to keep my skin soft.  She will know…and be sure of this…I will ask. 



  1. This post is a beautiful gift to your mom. I think her hard work and sacrifice speaks greatly of her love for her children. Isn’t it awesome to have your mom be your friend?

  2. How wonderful! It looks like you’ve had a great relationship with your mother throughout your life–how wonderful for both of you!

    Thanks for participating!

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  4. Your mom sounds like a very wise woman! Beautiful post!

  5. I could only relate to your post as a mom, not as a daughter.

    I’ve heard from people how wonderful my mom was when she was alive. I only heard good things about her. One day we’ll meet.

    Another reason to be thankful…

  6. I am sorry for your loss. As Christians life keeps going after this one. There is comfort in that.

  7. Thanks for this nice post.

  8. Your blog site is so cute. This is a very beautiful article. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. That’s what I hoped for, that I could be half the mother, and grandmother as my mom as been to me.
    You are truly blessed with such a wonderful relationship with your mom.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful post.

  10. Thanks all for stopping by and reading. It was fun processing through this:-)

  11. Lovely post. I enjoyed it. Your mom sounds wonderful.

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  13. […] Thanks Mom – Group Writing Project by Amber […]

  14. […] Thanks Mom – Group Writing Project by Amber […]

  15. […] Thanks Mom – Group Writing Project by Amber […]

  16. […] Thanks Mom – Group Writing Project by Amber […]

  17. […] Thanks Mom – Group Writing Project by Amber […]

  18. Thanks for sharing and I see that we both had the same rope/room to hang ourselves. 🙂

  19. […] Thanks Mom – Group Writing Project by Amber […]

  20. […] Thanks Mom – Group Writing Project by Amber […]

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