Posted by: Amber | July 26, 2007

Mending as it relates to Sabbath!

 More thoughts from…..Death By Suburb.  I know, I know, I can’t help it. 

Mending is the key image for  embracing the Sabbath in the suburbs, letting us “experience the depths of Jesus Christ,” as the classic work by Jeanne Guyon puts it.  The trick for the lover of God is to learn how to become better at mending ones life, making small adjustments on a regular basis to avoid the speed and clutter of modern living.

Mending is a verb.  An ongoing action that is consistent and small.  Mending is a thing that reverses the affects of the fast paced business of suburban life.  It is a bridge that leads you to the thicker life.  The deeper life of Jesus Christ.  It is obedience in the small mundane things.  

Now this may seem bizarre to some, but for me right now, home schooling is mending my life.  Our family rhythm is decidedly slow.  There is no rush.  There is no fire to put out, no hill to conquer.  Just deepening of roots and building of relationships.  This is my Sabbath YEAR!  It is a lovely, yummy, comforting thing.  God is moving deeply in the quiet.  Maybe hovering is a better word.  Yes….I think hovering describes it well.

Find the Quiet today!



  1. I am enjoying the quiet today as well. The less rushed I am, the more time I seem to have. I always thought that if I rushed around and got everything done I would have more time.

    We lived in the suburbs once. Although I loved the city in which we lived, and our back yard, I didn’t ever feel like I fit. And there was such a lack of community.

    I’m an urban diva now and find that I’d much rather look at the ugly daily with a sense of community than look at only the pretty.

    But that’s another topic.

    Enjoy your quiet.

  2. “Obedience in the small mundane things”- I like that. That’s big to me.

    I have decided to be selective of the blogs I read and visit, and I am really thankful that I’ve been led to a few ones I consider treasures…

  3. I know! At times I need to pull myself in as well. I am just moving to a Google reader so that I can be a bit more efficient. I am thankful you frequent here. I hope you are better because of it.

  4. what a much needed post. I get so very cluttered… and then when stressful events happen i feel like I am going to spill over. I need a sabbath so badly right now. So much simplifying. When I have time I will write on some of these same things God is showing me.

    Please do share your secrets of slowing down. Maybe write a series of posts on how to do it if you have enough material.

    I’m so tired.

  5. Great thought Mommy Zabs. I think I will work on it for next week.
    Question? Are you a first born type A overachiever? That’s me…. and I have to put in some very specific disciplines to slow down.

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