Posted by: Amber | July 27, 2007

Par-Tay Time!

Many of you have asked about our community bbq tomorrow.  So I wanted to give you all the “digs”.   Firstly, Mike and I had a “spirited debate” about the manner in which information should be broadcast in our community.  I wanted to have 4 signs made (that can be reused) similar to the  garage sale signs that you see that I would put at all of the entrances to our development.  I thought, “Oh we could just throw a quick webpage together describing the party and that we would love to see everyone there.”  To me that would of been the easiest for me, but it was too programmatic for Mike. He wanted the kids and I to pass out invitations to all of our neighbors.  Have it be more relational.  It would be like “oh yeah your the family we always see at the pool, or we bought lemonade from your son type thing”.  So being the submissive wife I am, I agreed to do it his way:-) So last night we made invitations and the kids and I rode our bikes around the neighborhood.  The kids were excitedly knocking on doors, chasing down people as they got in and out of cars  and telling anyone who would listen, “Come to our neighborhood party.”  Mike was right.  It was more relational that way.  At least for the first one, although I do think the sign thing would work after we have a few. And yes, for the record, I did get “Oh you are the family we always see around the pool”. and “We bought lemonade form your son” and “We’ve been hearing about this and are so excited” and “oh we were hoping you were still going to do this!” Shocking if you ask me.  They have heard about it?  I did speak to a few people I saw at the pool through out the week about the party.  I did try to focus on “connectors” in the community.  I did want the word of mouth thing to work in our favor….there are a lot of houses here.  Almost everyone that opened the door to us said…”Thank you so much. I’ve been thinking I should do something like this but I just never have.”  Hmmmm.  I wonder how many people think about connecting with others and then just don’t?  So Mike and I are taking it seriously the  whole “Jesus becoming flesh and blood and moving into the neighborhood” thingy.  

I’ve been in a space of finding “God” in the not so nice things .  I have been thinking about the rotten real estate market etc etc. and realized yesterday.  None of us are going anywhere any time soon.  A perfect way to really get to know the neighbors.  Forced to stay put do to the economy.  How ironically lovely. I’ll post pics of our par-tay tomorrow.  If you think of us, please pray, “Lord Jesus – Let your kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.”



  1. Hope all went well Amber!

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