Posted by: Amber | July 31, 2007

The poor and the marginalized.


Today is the end of the 40 day fast that Kat put on.  Take some time to stroll over and view all of the great causes highlighted there. 

Jesus said the poor will always be with us.  It is true in every corner of the world.  Isn’t it true that it is where we find Him most…with the poor and the marginalized?  I am still wrestling with how I can take part in that in my suburban context. I am reminded of  Hindsfeet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard.  “Sorrow” and “Trails” were her two great help mates that lead her to the high places.  If you haven’t read that book I highly recommend you picking it up. 

I am highlighting Zoe Children’s Home. It is a fact the poorest and most marginalized people in the world are children,because the have no voice. Their voice is unheard unless an adult stands up and speaks for them.  In the states, we rush our children around to palydates and birthday parties.  Many have no idea that around the world, children are being rushed into sweat shops and brothels for money.  Childhood prostition or slavery is rampant around the world. They fall into two camps, sold into slavery by families who are desperately poor looking to make a few cents or those orphans with no family at all victimized for a buck.  It is nauseating. 

What do we do…here…in our nice cushy homes, with AC and all the modern amenities? You can send money to organizations lie Zoe Children’s Home and help support those working on the front lines.  You can pray that God would open your eyes to things that are going on right in your own backyard.  You may even be called to adopt internationally for the express purpose of raising a kingdom minded individual.  It is too much you say.  There are too many.  What good is helping just one?  Well, I would say, it is good for that one.



  1. Amber…
    I almost highlighted Zoe Children’s Home on my day, but chose a more international organization instead…thanks for bringing them to the forefront! They’re doing a great thing.

  2. I prayed with you yesterday for Zoe Children’s Home. Thanks for the inspiration.

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