Posted by: Amber | August 3, 2007

Eureka- I’ve Got it!

It has only taken me 12 years of marriage, 11 years out of college, 9 family moves, 6 years of parenting to 3 amazing children, and 3 self owned businesses for me to finally find a rhythm of keeping up my home.

In college, I was a neat freak.  It was very easy to keep my chores up to date when it was only me making the mess.  Then I got married (while still in college) to a wonderful husband who had a different version of “clean” than I did. (I know that is a shocker.) It was a good 5 years of working full time and trying to find out how to keep my house together..and how to let go of unrealistic expectations.  Then kids came into the picture.  Well, as you all may of guessed, the whole cleaning thingwent out the window. 

So how , do you ask,  have I cracked this nut? Firstly, Laundry.  Less stuff to wash is helpful.  I gave away 60% of our families clothes.  Now I do a load of laundry every day and put it away right when it is done.  That has helped tremendously.  No stress in the morning looking for clothes in laundry baskets is a very good thing!

With this little bit of experience I had a thought the other day.  What if I clean a little bit every day?  How would that work? Not picked up and straightened up but actually cleaned. So I have broken our house down into 6 zones for 6 days of the week.  Leaving the 7th day free for Sabbath rest.

So now I wake an hour before the kids to have my own time to workout and start the day with a God centered frame of mind.  The freedom within structure is holding true in my own life as well.  I have a plan to slowly and steadily do my work in a God honoring way, while including the children.  I must say it is very satisfying.  It is actually inspiring me to write something on our typical daily rhythm.  So look for that soon!

So what is your daily house keeping rhythm?  Consistent or nonexistent.  Feel free to tell on yourself in the comment section or let me know your thoughts on your blog.

Peace to all~ 



  1. I have to say that after years of training, my kids are better at keeping the house clean than me. They have their schedule and routine for cleaning while I am the decluttering queen. Together we make and invincible team.
    One area which we have let go in the past is the yard. We are just beginning to focus our attention there. Another challenge awaits.
    I look forward to hearing about your typical daily rhythm.

  2. Yard work is exactly why we live in a town house. I look forward to seeing the “training” pay off in our kids. It is amazing how readily they add new things into their concept of a normal day. We do something for 3 days in a row. On the 4th if I don’t do it they say “Mama, why are we not doing X?” We always do this at this time of the day.

  3. I have to admit that I slacked on a few things this summer, and I don’t even feel bad about it! We took the summer off from school (and some other things), not because the kids needed it, but mama did!

    In our house, the year starts in Septemberl, not in January, so I have been busy planning and regrouping.

    I clearly see how your plan is profitable to child training and habit forming. Though I like my house clean EVERYDAY, I do not like the sound of a cleaning chart for ME! But for the children’s sake, I’ll consider it. Great idea!

    And yes, post soon about your typical daily rhythm!

  4. What in the world is Septemberl?

    I think the girl meant September.

  5. Just to clarify this post. This is a completely new thing for me! Trust me you can not eat off of my floors and I am all for giving yourself a break.

    This is an experiment in learning how to balance chores. I am an “all or nothing” type pf gal, so the house was usually never “cleaned” because who has time to stop life and do it all in one day?I would rather play with my family than scrub the tub. So I thought if I take a half hour a day to stay on top of it, “Would I be more relaxed” in stead of feeling guilty that I never do it?

    It is more about my process in simplifying and taking responsibility for myself. Instead of saying, Oh it will get done one day…I thought nothing is going to change if I don’t rethink my previous position on this. So that is all. Don’t take my process as a “have to” for you. This is a Brother Laurence type of approach for me. Finding God and Honoring him in my work that up until now I have avoided. Hope that helps.

  6. Crystal clear.

    I still like to experiment with you… not with 6 days though!

  7. I do two loads (bigger and more people here) of laundry a day and the kids put their own away. The children also do all the animal chores and unload the dishwasher. I don’t like dirty dishes in the sink nor anything on the kitchen floor. I straighten all the time, but clean when we have company coming…not a great plan. Children’s rooms must be straight before asking for media which keeps them rather nice for a bunch o’ messy boys.
    I could learn from you about zones, but another day.

  8. On a completely different subject, you are the recipient of the Thinking Blogger Award. Thank you for your thought provoking posts.

  9. About 4 years ago we decided do take the sabbath rest seriously and have never looked back. It was one of the best home, family, spiritual and business decisions our family has ever made.

    Still working out the whole housekeeping rhythm though… laundry every day doesn’t sound good to me but less clothes sure does!

    🙂 Thanks for a great blog!

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