For years I have co-posted with my husband at the mustardseed.  I also co-blog with my business partners .  Now at this phase in my life, I am ready to develop my voice and I have a lot to stay so stay tuned.. we may both learn something. We are just beginning our journey into home schooling using the Charlotte Mason method.  Our family has spent the past 6 years detoxing from church forms.  You can read the details of that story here. We have been growing in our discipleship to Jesus with a few local friends and have found it to be an amazing adventure.

We love developing friendships all over the world.  In our original blog we have developed friendships both near and far.  The older I get the less I know but there is one thing I am more and more confidant of  every day…..Time is the only thing we really own and relationship is the only thing we can buy with it.


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